Preventing Cross-Contamination

The rapid spread of germs which cause illnesses such as the flu in winter is as predictable as the return of green grass and budding trees after the end of the dark cold season. According to the CDC, outbreaks which could be classified as epidemics can happen as early as October and last as late as May.  The timing and severity of outbreaks from year to year are unpredictable in part because the flu virus is constantly mutating resulting in exposure to new strains of the virus which our immune systems are more vulnerable to.

The most effective way to battle the spread of such viruses is to give special mind to the prevention of cross-contamination. It is counter productive in cleaning for example to clean different types of surfaces with certain wiping materials.  Cotton cleaning materials are inexpensive, but they are not very absorbent and will move contaminants around rather than pick them up.  Imagine for instance that a person infected with influenza School locker cleaningcoughs on a window next to their desk contaminating the surface.  A cotton cloth is used to wipe the window later in the day and then is used to wipe an adjacent desk used by another person.  The flu virus is transferred from a contaminated surface to one that could have well been free of the virus, spread via the surface of the cotton cloth.

C.M. Cleaning utilizes a simple solution to prevent cross-contamination of surfaces during cleaning. Microfiber cloths and mops, though more expensive than cotton are much more effective in absorbing harmful germs.  Microfiber materials consist of interlocking polyester and polyamide fibers which work to absorb 95% of bacteria from a surface inside of the fibers themselves rather than sitting on the surface of the cloth.  This is because the combination of the two fibers where they interlock creates millions of microscopic hooks that attract and absorb particles which contain viruses and bacteria.

While the material itself goes a long way in preventing cross-contamination, we utilize a best practice of designating certain cloths to certain surfaces by color coding/designating certain color mops and cloths to certain types of surfaces and/or areas. When using microfiber materials it is important to realize that in order to be effective microfiber cloth should be cleaned regularly after use, and that there are different variations of microfiber for different purposes.  Using the wrong type of microfiber cloth, or a dirty cloth on a delicate surface could cause damage.

At C.M. Cleaning, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality cleaning service to our customers. That is why we take the proper measures in preventing cross-contamination on all sites such using color coded microfiber cloths (red for bathroom areas and green for general purpose) as well as designating red mop sticks which use distinctly different mop heads in bathroom areas.  Be proactive in preventing the spread of winter illness and schedule your next cleaning with C.M. today.