Reducing the Spread of Germs in Your Office: Tips from Commercial Cleaners

While performing their daily tasks, office personnel constantly interact with the tools their work stations. From stapling a packet of important forms to borrowing a coworker’s pen, it is very easy for germs to spread throughout an office. Germs can be spread through direct exposure such as sneezing, or simply by touching a contaminated surface. Here are some tips from professional commercial cleaners to help reduce the spread of germs in your space:

Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Make wiping down desks, tables, keyboards, and other common touch surfaces a daily habit. Microbes such as the common cold can live on a surface for up to 72 hours. Frequent use of disinfectant wipes is a great way to slow the spread of germs and viruses by keeping touch surfaces constantly sanitized for the next person who comes in contact.

Wash Hands Regularly

Regularly washing your hands is crucial in preventing the spread of germs. Hand washing kills most bacteria: If an employee touches a shared tool or shakes another employee’s hand, germs are much less likely to spread when hands are clean. It is especially important to wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Like disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer is designed to kill most bacteria on your hands. Installing hand sanitizer stations throughout your office allows employees’ hands to stay sanitized and perform tasks without worry of contracting germs. Dispensers can be installed in hallways, kitchens, and conference rooms for easy communal access.

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Stay Home When Sick

The best way to prevent germs from spreading is by keeping them out in the first place. Especially during COVID-19 and flu season, sickness and viruses are common. If you have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, the best way to keep everyone else safe is for you to stay home. Allowing yourself to rest will help you recover faster, and keep your coworkers healthy too!

Not only are employees more productive when they have a clean workspace, they stay healthier too! Our cleaners and technicians are trained in accordance with OSHA and Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) to help you achieve the highest level of clean for ultimate peace of mind.

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