Hand Sanitizer Damage To Hard Flooring

The ‘new normal’ that we have all adapted to amidst the fear of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has shown the use of hand sanitizer at an all-time high. While hand sanitizer stations play a key role in workplace and school health safety, they do pose major problems to the appearance and protection of hard surface flooring!

Vinyl Composite Tile otherwise know as VCT, Faux Wood Flooring, and even some types of laminate flooring  have protective polymer finishes, often referred to as “wax”. This floor finish provides a glossy protective layer between the bare tile and everything that comes into contact with it. Hard flooring is porous in nature, so without proper finish dirt, bacteria, and allergens can seep in creating both a dirty appearance and a health risk.

So where does hand sanitizer come into play of the appearance of flooring? Alcohol based hand sanitizer can very easily fall or run off your hand landing onto the finish of the floor. This very quickly deteriorates the floors finish. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers are most effective, it is strongly recommended that you take precautions to avoid damage to flooring.

Dirty classroom floor


  • Sanitizer dispensers can be equipped with drip trays that catch any excess sanitizer coming out of the dispenser.
  • Switch from a liquid or gel sanitizer product to a foam style sanitizer which clings to hands and does not run off.
  • Setup all sanitizer stations over an area rug, mat, or carpet which will hide the sanitizer and not leave alcohol burn marks like what shows up on the floor finish.
Hand sanitizing station tips

By taking these 3 simple steps together we can all be healthier, prevent the spread of illness, and maintain the clean appearance of our facilities!

Tile floor mid cleaning

If your floor has already been damaged, give us a call to strip and re-apply 5 coats of 25% solids polymer finish to bring your floor back to new!

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