Restroom Cleaning: 5 High-Touch Surfaces You Can’t Miss

Many types of viruses and bacteria are easily spread in restrooms. In addition to toilets, there are many surfaces in restrooms that harbor bacteria. To prevent germ transmission, here are 5 high-touch surfaces in restrooms that you can’t miss:

Door Handles

With each time a person enters or exits a restroom, germs are transferred from the hands onto the door handle, and vice versa. Cleaning and disinfecting door handles regularly can drastically help in preventing the spread of germs.

Dispensers and Hand Dryers

For restrooms that do not have touchless soap and paper towel dispensers, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect any of these “push-style” dispensers because they can harbor bacteria. Another way to be proactive is to place paper towel dispensers and a trash can near the door. This allows visitors and staff to use the paper towel to open the door after washing hands.

Light Switches

Especially in bathrooms with only one stall, a light switch may manually have to be turned on and off with each use. Make sure these receive proper attention too!

Grab Rails

Rails should also be cleaned frequently. Avoid using abrasive tools and solutions to ensure the rails do not rust or get damaged. It is best to use a microfiber cloth and the proper disinfectant solution. Follow instructions on the disinfectant’s label on dwell time and if it should be wiped or air dried.  

Restroom Stalls

In addition to door latches, toilets, and floors, do not forget about the walls! Stall walls are often overlooked, but can be covered in bacteria due to flushing toilets.

In developing protocols for regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces in your facility, you can help prevent the spread of germs and create a healthier environment for all! C.M. Cleaning Company’s general cleaning programs and disinfecting services can help you get there.

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