Top 5 Cleaning Mistakes Businesses Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Successful businesses understand the importance of a clean environment for both employees and customers. Although it may not seem like a difficult task, maintaining a cleanly appearance and hygienic space takes careful routine and commitment to keep your facility’s appearance at its best. Here are the top cleaning mistakes business owners make, and how you can avoid them.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Invest in cleaning products that are appropriate for the surfaces they are being used on, and read the labels to ensure safety. Disinfect cleaning equipment regularly and be sure to replace any worn equipment for the best results.

Not Cleaning Frequently Enough

Establish a regular cleaning schedule that includes daily cleaning tasks, and weekly or monthly deep cleaning tasks. Consistency is key.

Not Following Instructions

Read product instructions carefully and train your employees on how to use each product and equipment. All employees who perform cleaning tasks should be consistent in performing their duties and using the correct materials for each task.

Overlooking Important Areas

Your daily cleaning routine should include wiping down high-touch surfaces, and using disinfectant cleaners to help reduce the spread of germs. In addition to cleaning your restrooms and kitchen daily, be sure to replenish supplies such as soap and toilet tissue to avoid running out. Regularly change the air filters in your facility to maintain healthy air quality.

Not Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

The best way to avoid these common mistakes is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. Invest in a general cleaning program by C.M. Cleaning Company, customized to fit your unique business needs and exceed your expectations.

Your Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Reduce Maintenance Costs

Your facility’s commercial cleaning company keeps your building clean year-round from top-to-bottom. Did you know cleaning staff has the capability to help reduce overall maintenance costs and improve building safety? Be proactive in preventing building maintenance issues by asking your commercial cleaning company the following:

Condition of Ventilation Systems

Those who clean your facility daily may notice buildup or blockages in your vents. Dusty vents not only impact healthy indoor air quality, but can also increase energy costs and create a fire hazard.

Leaks and Water Damage

It is crucial to stop water damage as early as possible. From clogged drains, stains on walls, to malfunctioning soap dispensers, your cleaners may be among the first to notice signs of water damage.

Signs of Pests

Exterminators must be called at the first sign of any pest or rodent infestation, but your cleaners may see the signs before you do! While they pay careful attention sweeping, mopping, and wiping surfaces, they are sure to pick up on any rodent droppings or lingering insects.

Electrical Issues

As they clean around every nook and cranny, your cleaners get a close up view of wires and outlets that you don’t see every day. Although they cannot diagnose electrical problems, they may notice if something seems off.

Building Security

When wiping down glass doors and windows, your cleaners will be sure to tell if there are any issues with locking or closing. Additionally, if your building uses a pass-card or similar system to access, your cleaners can quickly realize if your security system is not working properly.

C.M. Cleaning Company strives to exceed your expectations, and provide value to your investment in cleanliness and beyond.

Restroom Cleaning: 5 High-Touch Surfaces You Can’t Miss

Many types of viruses and bacteria are easily spread in restrooms. In addition to toilets, there are many surfaces in restrooms that harbor bacteria. To prevent germ transmission, here are 5 high-touch surfaces in restrooms that you can’t miss:

Door Handles

With each time a person enters or exits a restroom, germs are transferred from the hands onto the door handle, and vice versa. Cleaning and disinfecting door handles regularly can drastically help in preventing the spread of germs.

Dispensers and Hand Dryers

For restrooms that do not have touchless soap and paper towel dispensers, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect any of these “push-style” dispensers because they can harbor bacteria. Another way to be proactive is to place paper towel dispensers and a trash can near the door. This allows visitors and staff to use the paper towel to open the door after washing hands.

Light Switches

Especially in bathrooms with only one stall, a light switch may manually have to be turned on and off with each use. Make sure these receive proper attention too!

Grab Rails

Rails should also be cleaned frequently. Avoid using abrasive tools and solutions to ensure the rails do not rust or get damaged. It is best to use a microfiber cloth and the proper disinfectant solution. Follow instructions on the disinfectant’s label on dwell time and if it should be wiped or air dried.  

Restroom Stalls

In addition to door latches, toilets, and floors, do not forget about the walls! Stall walls are often overlooked, but can be covered in bacteria due to flushing toilets.

In developing protocols for regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces in your facility, you can help prevent the spread of germs and create a healthier environment for all! C.M. Cleaning Company’s general cleaning programs and disinfecting services can help you get there.

Reducing the Spread of Germs in Your Office: Tips from Commercial Cleaners

While performing their daily tasks, office personnel constantly interact with the tools their work stations. From stapling a packet of important forms to borrowing a coworker’s pen, it is very easy for germs to spread throughout an office. Germs can be spread through direct exposure such as sneezing, or simply by touching a contaminated surface. Here are some tips from professional commercial cleaners to help reduce the spread of germs in your space:

Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Make wiping down desks, tables, keyboards, and other common touch surfaces a daily habit. Microbes such as the common cold can live on a surface for up to 72 hours. Frequent use of disinfectant wipes is a great way to slow the spread of germs and viruses by keeping touch surfaces constantly sanitized for the next person who comes in contact.

Wash Hands Regularly

Regularly washing your hands is crucial in preventing the spread of germs. Hand washing kills most bacteria: If an employee touches a shared tool or shakes another employee’s hand, germs are much less likely to spread when hands are clean. It is especially important to wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Like disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer is designed to kill most bacteria on your hands. Installing hand sanitizer stations throughout your office allows employees’ hands to stay sanitized and perform tasks without worry of contracting germs. Dispensers can be installed in hallways, kitchens, and conference rooms for easy communal access.

Office desk disinfecting services, Safe Workplace,

Stay Home When Sick

The best way to prevent germs from spreading is by keeping them out in the first place. Especially during COVID-19 and flu season, sickness and viruses are common. If you have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, the best way to keep everyone else safe is for you to stay home. Allowing yourself to rest will help you recover faster, and keep your coworkers healthy too!

Not only are employees more productive when they have a clean workspace, they stay healthier too! Our cleaners and technicians are trained in accordance with OSHA and Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) to help you achieve the highest level of clean for ultimate peace of mind.

Essential Winter Floor Care Tips

Floors are a huge investment that must be protected to maintain a good perception of your business. Day-to-day foot traffic can wreak havoc on floors over time, especially during months where snow, ice, salt, and other soils are being tracked through your facility. Floor maintenance during cold months can seem like a complicated task, here are a few essential tips to get you started:

Focus on Entrance Zones: Implement a dual entry mat system that includes scraper and carpet mats. The blades on scraper mats will scrape grime and debris off shoes before entering the building, and carpet mats will pick up the excess debris.

Clean Floors Frequently: It is important to regularly mop entryways and other floors throughout a facility. This will remove salt, ice melt, and other soils and help reduce water accumulation from snow and ice. Utilizing an ice-melt neutralizer additive to your mop bucket helps tremendously when dealing with heavy salt.

Protect floors in winter

Conduct Periodic Deep Cleaning: In addition to daily cleaning, conducting regular deep cleanings will help extend the lifetime of floors and restore them back to a like-new condition. Depending on the type of flooring, deep cleanings can range anywhere from a machine scrub to high-pressure ‘Rotovac’ with acid wash.

Address Damage ASAP: If there is water damage in your building, it should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Whether it is a coffee spill or flooding from a pipe burst, our carpet technicians are IICRC certified in Water Extraction and are equipped to handle any carpet cleanup.


Work with an Experienced Company: You always get what you pay for, and when hiring a professional cleaning service you can have peace of mind that the job is being performed and managed the right way. From the type and grade of the cleaning chemicals being used to the method the cleaning is being done, your cleaning company should be meticulous about the service they are providing.

Winter is a hard time for your floors, so for the best floor care program hire the professionals at C.M. Cleaning Company! Our trained and certified cleaning technicians will keep your facility clean, healthy, and looking like new all Winter long!