The Importance of a Quality Inspection Program

What we’re doing behind the scenes to keep you looking good!

One of C.M. Cleaning’s core competencies is that the foundation of our business is built around quality assurance. Many cleaning companies will set a schedule for their staff to come clean your facility and assume they perform their routines flawlessly without any follow ups or inspections. The truth is cleaners are not robots, they are people too and without a well-planned janitorial quality inspection program instilled in a company’s daily function, there is no way of assuring the customer that they are receiving the highest level of service available.Cleaning supplies service

The age-old question is “what is the best way to measure clean?” To us, the answer is by measuring the quantity and severity of deficiencies we find in your building. By adding any deficiencies we find in our customer’s facilities to our inspection reports it helps us to improve the cleanliness of that building and evolve our cleaning staff’s attention to detail.

“Every company needs a janitorial quality inspection program because the better companies have them and the ones that don’t can’t compete” (Tony Maione- ISSA TV). We at C.M. Cleaning provide our managerial staff with the proper mobile tablets and devices to report deficiencies we see in our customer’s buildings quickly and efficiently to ensure any problems are taken care of promptly and we are always staying ahead. First impressions start with a clean facility and we are happy to provide that, with thanks to our quality inspection program.