Keeping your Building Secure

Security measures and workplace safety are important to the comfort and productivity of any business. As facilities managers, you take great care in keeping your facility safe and secure during work hours, so how does your cleaning company uphold your level of security at night? At C.M. Cleaning, we take pride in protecting your facility with equal care by implementing various security measures of our own, in addition to the safety programs already in place at your facilities.

One example is key encryption. When you hand us the keys to your building, you can rest assured knowing they are in good hands. For all of our customers, the keys are NOT labeled with the name of your business. Instead, we utilize a numeric system assigning each customer a custom account number. Your keys are labeled with this number only, so in the event of keys being lost, there is no need to worry about your keys being found with your business’s name attached to them, which could potentially be a security breach.

Additionally, for many businesses, the cleaning service occurs at night, or after normal business hours. This may mean that there is a cleaner in your building alone on a nightly basis. To ensure safety and efficiency, we have implemented our own time tracking system. Each of our employees is scheduled to clean your building during a certain time frame. Upon their arrival to your building, they utilize one of your facility’s telephonesCleaning service with building security to clock-in through the timing system. This allows us to view that they have begun their shift on location. Similarly, at the end of their shift, they utilize the system to clock-out. This system is much more than meets the eye as a payroll tool. The system sends us alerts if our employee has not clocked in on time, or if they do not clock out on time. So, if one of our employees were to ever be injured or became unconscious while alone in your building, we would be notified by the tracking system at the end of their shift if they have not clocked out. At that point, we can call the employee to investigate the situation, or send help if needed. On top of all this, T-Tracks allows us to simply know which of our personnel is in your building, and during what time frame.

At C.M. Cleaning, we realize your facility may have security measures specific to your business. We train each of our employees to your individual building, inclusive of any additional security or safety requests you may have. For example, if your building has an alarm system, our employees are trained to arm and disarm the system through memorization only. We would never distribute any private information such as alarm passcodes on paper. This ensures that your personal and private information remains as such. These, among other security measures are implemented all in addition to your building’s current safety protocol.