Cubicle Wall Cleaning

Today, you can walk into almost any office space and see cubicle walls that divide co-workers. People eat, drink and are sometimes even sick at work, so did you ever think how dirty that cubicle wall is? Since they are usually an upholstery material routine cleaning can help reduce the dust. The walls are like standing dust traps which can lead to health risks.Cleaning improvement tips

Steam cleaning or vacuuming these walls can reduce these allergens. Allergens are a top three reasons on why employees miss work. Not cleaning these regularly can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, headaches and difficulty breathing. A regularly cleaning can help improve the air quality as well since not as much dust will be circulating the facility.

Another benefit to cleaning cubicle walls is appearance. When employees eat or drink at their desk accidents are bound to happen. This can cause stains to appear on cubicle walls. These are ugly and unhealthy and provide a breeding ground for bacteria to form on. These types of distractions can lower productivity and employee morale.

When you have a clean workplace it leads to happier, more productive employees. A survey conducted by OfficeMax found that 90% of people said that an unorganized clutter at work has a negative impact on them. 77% of them also said that productivity is effected the most.

C.M. Cleaning knows that you don’t always have the time to clean yourself so consider us to do the dirty work for you. Contact us to find out how steam cleaning or vacuuming your facility’s cubicle partition walls can benefit you and your staff!

Why Is It Important to Keep Ceiling Tiles Clean?

It has probably never occurred to you that your ceiling tiles need to be cleaned. That is because more attention is given to the floors and walls of a business. Just like a dirty floor, ceiling tiles that are dirty or stained can distract from the overall appearance of a business.Ceiling cleaning service

Not only can clean tiles last longer without having to get replaced, but they also improve the air circulation and provide healthier air that your customers and employees are breathing in every day.

If your ceiling tiles are cleaned they can also act as a fire retardant. Hanging cobwebs and dust are a fire risk that makes the ceiling more flammable, putting your employees at risk.

To clean the tiles, they can be brushed or vacuumed. This will remove the dust and dirt that has collected on them over time. In certain environments such as kitchens, grime and smoke build up on the tiles. This may require removal with an enzyme detergent that can be done by a professional. As always, regularly cleaning the HVAC systems in your facility will prevent the dust from clinging to the ceilings.

It is recommended to have your ceiling tiles cleaned every two to five years to keep your business as clean as possible. So the next time you consider getting your ceiling tiles cleaning call C.M. Cleaning.

Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Maintaining your hardwood floors to keep them in good condition can be challenging when there are a lot of people working under one roof. However, utilizing reputable cleaning company who understands the ways to keep them looking like new can prolong the durability and beauty of them.Gym floor cleaning service

  1. Keep the floors from being scratched. Putting entrance mats near doorways can help reduce the amount of debris that is tracked onto the floor. Cleaning these mats daily will improve their effectiveness. Also, sliding heavy objects across the floor, such as file cabinets and desks can scratch the floor. Using felt pads under the legs of the furniture can stop this.
  2. Vacuum and sweep your floors daily to avoid sand, dirt or grit buildup. These soils can act like sandpaper and remove the finish.
  3. Clean the hardwood floors: Avoid using vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on your hardwood floors. Also, don’t use a wet mop on hardwood floors as excess water can cause the floor to swell and cup. Vinegar and water dull the floor’s finish over time, while soap and wax leave residue. Steam cleaners put heat and excessive water on your floor, which can lead to cupping and long-term damage. Instead use a damp-only mop with a neutral pH cleaner to remove stains.
  4. Refinish and polish: It is recommended to polish the floors every 2-3 months and sand and refinish every 3-5 years. Polishing renews and refreshes the finish that protects your hardwood floor. Polishing your floor fills in microscopic scratches and evens out a floor’s protective surface

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets is becoming an alternative to shampooing. As indicated by the EPA, the typical person can be found inside of their home or office space at least 90% of their time. Therefore, it is important that harmful pollutants are removed regularly. A benefit to steam cleaning a carpet is the minimization of chemicals that are present. There is also a smaller chance of harmful residues contaminating the indoor environment which will keep the air healthy and clean for those within the space.Carpet cleaning services near Boston

Although vacuuming is important to prolong the life of a carpet, it can only remove debris that is collected at the surface of a rug. Performing a deeper treatment will remove the dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and other debris that commonly work their way down further in the carpet. This will help improve the appearance of the rug and the health of those that encounter it.

Shampoo treatments create foam to break down particles and unwanted pollutants in the carpet. Shampooing carpets is quick and can be successful when small stains and high traffic areas need to be addressed. However, chemicals used to brighten up surfaces can negatively impact people and pets, especially those with allergies.

Steam cleaning carpets utilizes equipment that shoots hot water (in a gas state) into the fibers to remove the debris build-up. This helps to reduce any bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present. Steam that is at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is the best way to eliminate as much pollutants as possible. The level of moisture applied can be easily controlled depending upon the surface to prevent damage. The excess water along with the dislodged dirt is then eliminated using the suction part of the equipment. When using a steam cleaner, the drying time is much less than when you shampoo the carpets, so they can be walked on sooner.

C.M. Cleaning can help with your steam cleaning needs to keep your carpets as clean as possible to improve its appearance and the health of your employees.

Air Duct and Ceiling Vent Cleaning

Indoor air pollution is the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans based on the Environmental Protection Agency. Air Ducts can be found in lots of facilities, and while they are running they collect contaminants from the air passing through them. Having your air ducts cleaned can help improve the indoor air quality and the health of your employees.Building dust removal service

Indoor air is found to be 70% more polluted than outdoor air. The cleaning of air ducts can help lower this number. If moisture is present in the duct, then mold can also grow and spread throughout the duct and circulate when your duct is on. Since there is no additional ventilation pollutants that enter the area mainly stay there since they have nowhere else to go. Exposure to mold and pollutants can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, throat, and respiratory tract.  Headache, dizziness, and cold or flu like symptoms are also triggered by contaminants floating in the air and can cause a decrease of productivity of employees. In some people with preexisting conditions such as asthma or allergies, exposure to certain particles in the air can cause immediate attack.  Long-term exposure to higher than normal concentrations of indoor pollutants can lead to chronic issues and in the case of some chemicals, can cause fatal disease including cancer.

Proper cleaning of your air ducts would include: the registers, inside the duct and the interior of the heating and ventilation systems. Cleaning these ducts regularly can help with the wellness and allergies of the people in the building. C.M. Cleaning can help perform these tasks to keep improve your air quality and help the wellness of your employees.

Why is Window Cleaning Important?

Although windows may not be the first thing that is noticed when you walk into a company, there are still benefits to having them cleaned. Windows should be cleaned at least two times a year in order to let in natural Clean windows servicelight and illuminate the building. Having clean windows will let the sun in and provide a bright, well-lit space. Working in this positive atmosphere leads to employees being more active and organized.

Clean windows also give a good impression to people who walk into the business. It provides customers with a positive image of the company unlike dirty windows which give off an image of neglect. This shows that you care about your building and employees.

Glass can be ruined if it is not regularly cleaned. Since glass is porous it can accumulate dirt overtime. If not cleaned it can lead to fragility, spottiness and the growth of microorganisms. Cleaning your windows regularly depending on your location can help keep the windows in a good shape making them last longer.

Lastly, how clean your windows are can affect the facility’s heat efficiency. If the windows are dirty UV rays will be reflected from the window and will prevent the sun from getting in and warming the space on cold days.

Next time you consider having your windows cleaned consider C.M Cleaning. We care about your satisfaction and you will be improving your facility with the help of a professional.

How Do Closed Soap Dispensers Help Against Germs?

How clean a bathroom is heavily influences how people view that certain business. A 2011 study found that, “99% of United States adults would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms”. One way to help clean your bathroom clean is to use closed and automatic soap dispensers. This will increase the cleanliness and not give people a wrong impression.

By using closed dispensers in your businesses restroom, you can stop the spread of germs. 1 out of every 4 bulk fill soap dispensers in a public restroom are contaminated with harmful bacteria. Closed, sealed systems Bathroom sink cleaningare refilled with a sealed bag. They are extremely hygienic since air cannot enter the bags which minimizes the risk of contamination. It is also beneficial to the business because it can help control costs. This is because the sealed bag collapses as soap is used out of it to prevent overuse. These soap dispensers are low maintenance because it can be replaced in seconds and since the bag collapses, more washes can be provided.

In dispensers that are not sealed and closed, germs can build up in the dispenser bag and stay there since soap is just poured into the bag when it starts to run low. The first thought when you go to wash your hands is that they are going to be cleaner. When contaminated soap is used, it increases the germs on their hand by 25%.

Automatic soap dispensers use hand sensors to auto-dispense the soap so no hand- to – dispenser contact is made. These dispensers will help prevent the spread of germs.

Next time you go to look for the best soap system for your businesses bathroom consider something that is touch free, reliable, sustainable, function and antimicrobial protection which C.M. Cleaning can provide and service.

How to Care for Your Concrete Floor

Recently, concrete has started to become more and more popular in commercial and residential properties. It has many benefits since there are many different colors and surface types to choose from and does not require as much attention, although it still does need proper cleaning and care to remain durable and look good.

According to a 2015 study, “As much as 80% of all the soil, dust, contaminants and moisture entering a facility are tracked in on the shoes of building staff and visitors”. Tracking these soils into a building is a prime factor in the wearing and scratching of concrete floors, but with the help of entrance mats these numbers can be decreased.Hallway with clean windows and floors

Sweeping or mopping your concrete floor is surprisingly not the most effective way to clean the floors- vacuuming is. Using a mop just pushes all the soils into the pores and cracks in the floor whereas vacuums pull the soil up and do not push it around the floor.

When dealing with big areas of concrete an automatic scrubber should be used to clean the floor. The scrubber not only cleans the floor but also extracts back up the water and the solution which is important because moisture is damaging to the concrete.

Sealing your concrete floor is not necessary if you take proper care of it daily. Some recommend sealing the floor in heavy traffic areas or large area floors. Sealant helps prevent soils and moisture from moving their way into cracks in the floor.

When in need of concrete flooring maintenance, always keep C.M. Cleaning in mind. We have the capabilities to handle all concrete cleaning jobs including vacuuming, scrubbing and sealing.

Remember that: water + foot traffic + time = wear.

The Real Value of Cleaning

Not just another place to cut costs!

When it comes to cutting facility budgets (and who broke or stole the item from the conference room) for some reason the finger always gets pointed at the cleaning company. This is nothing new and has been one of the biggest problems facing cleaning company management teams for years. However, in reality the cleaning contract is one of the last places that should be considered when looking to cut a budget. The problem is that facilities managers and directors don’t have enough facts presented to them to back that theory up… that is, until now. It’s about time cleaning should be looked at as the profit center it truly is, instead of a major cost.Cleaning workers with cleaning van

Cleaning is an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. It is most importantly your best defense versus infection and reduces risk of transmission. With cut-rate cleaning companies, no cleaning company at all, or slacking in-house cleaning staff, quality is sacrificed and bacteria and viruses are more apt to grow. This quickly translates into sick employees, where based on studies from the International Sanitary Supply Association, cost a company $6-9k per year per employee based on 7.7 sick days. To put this into perspective an average of 2,000 people in work-fields are hospitalized for influenza each year.

Cleaner air and surfaces rid of allergens are also known to improve workplace productivity dramatically. Dust exposure to your employees causes a 2-6% decrease in cognitive skills (typing, memory, logical reasoning, and creative thinking), whereas cold/flu symptoms cause a 3-8% loss of overall performance. The most common places with levels of high contamination are desk phones, keyboards, computer mice, faucets, vending machine buttons, and door handles. If you like numbers, check this out: a 2-8% increase in productivity in a 100-associate office with an average salary of $25,000 annually equates to $125,000 in savings ( To end on a high note, an average of only 49% of people wash their hands after they use the restroom in their place of work; but who needs cleaners?

The Importance of a Quality Inspection Program

What we’re doing behind the scenes to keep you looking good!

One of C.M. Cleaning’s core competencies is that the foundation of our business is built around quality assurance. Many cleaning companies will set a schedule for their staff to come clean your facility and assume they perform their routines flawlessly without any follow ups or inspections. The truth is cleaners are not robots, they are people too and without a well-planned janitorial quality inspection program instilled in a company’s daily function, there is no way of assuring the customer that they are receiving the highest level of service available.Cleaning supplies service

The age-old question is “what is the best way to measure clean?” To us, the answer is by measuring the quantity and severity of deficiencies we find in your building. By adding any deficiencies we find in our customer’s facilities to our inspection reports it helps us to improve the cleanliness of that building and evolve our cleaning staff’s attention to detail.

“Every company needs a janitorial quality inspection program because the better companies have them and the ones that don’t can’t compete” (Tony Maione- ISSA TV). We at C.M. Cleaning provide our managerial staff with the proper mobile tablets and devices to report deficiencies we see in our customer’s buildings quickly and efficiently to ensure any problems are taken care of promptly and we are always staying ahead. First impressions start with a clean facility and we are happy to provide that, with thanks to our quality inspection program.