Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Maintaining your hardwood floors to keep them in good condition can be challenging when there are a lot of people working under one roof. However, utilizing reputable cleaning company who understands the ways to keep them looking like new can prolong the durability and beauty of them.Gym floor cleaning service

  1. Keep the floors from being scratched. Putting entrance mats near doorways can help reduce the amount of debris that is tracked onto the floor. Cleaning these mats daily will improve their effectiveness. Also, sliding heavy objects across the floor, such as file cabinets and desks can scratch the floor. Using felt pads under the legs of the furniture can stop this.
  2. Vacuum and sweep your floors daily to avoid sand, dirt or grit buildup. These soils can act like sandpaper and remove the finish.
  3. Clean the hardwood floors: Avoid using vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on your hardwood floors. Also, don’t use a wet mop on hardwood floors as excess water can cause the floor to swell and cup. Vinegar and water dull the floor’s finish over time, while soap and wax leave residue. Steam cleaners put heat and excessive water on your floor, which can lead to cupping and long-term damage. Instead use a damp-only mop with a neutral pH cleaner to remove stains.
  4. Refinish and polish: It is recommended to polish the floors every 2-3 months and sand and refinish every 3-5 years. Polishing renews and refreshes the finish that protects your hardwood floor. Polishing your floor fills in microscopic scratches and evens out a floor’s protective surface