Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

C.M. Cleaning is excited to introduce Ultrasonic Cleaning to our wide variety of janitorial solutions! This cleaning process is a system with which sound waves are applied to a tub of water and mild cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are designed to clean a range of objects. From jewelry to window blinds, golf clubs and children’s toys, ultrasonic cleaning is equally effective on items both large and small. This machine uses Prowave digital generators to vibrate metal plates at a frequency of 25 to 40 kHz to create millions of tiny bubbles. This process is called cavitation. The machine then creates targeted pressure on dirty and

contaminated areas of an object to power clean with unique precision, breaking up soot, grime, grease, and dirt without tedious hand wiping or use of harsh chemicals. The ultrasonic process successfully cleans small spaces and crevices, meaning that some machine parts or objects that would normally have to be dissembled before being cleaned, may not have to! The sound waves that are created can penetrate even the smallest groove, crevice and detail of an object and gently lift away any contaminants. Studies on the ultrasonic cleaning process have even demonstrated that as few as three minutes of ultrasonic exposure removed more than 99.9% of blood on contaminated medical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaners aim increase cleaning efficiency, as they can access those hard to reach placed with ease. So, whether it is window blinds, ceiling vents, machinery parts, or toys from your daycare center, ultrasonic cleaning will bring it’s appearance back to new!

Ultrasonic cleaning service