How to Care for Your Concrete Floor

Recently, concrete has started to become more and more popular in commercial and residential properties. It has many benefits since there are many different colors and surface types to choose from and does not require as much attention, although it still does need proper cleaning and care to remain durable and look good.

According to a 2015 study, “As much as 80% of all the soil, dust, contaminants and moisture entering a facility are tracked in on the shoes of building staff and visitors”. Tracking these soils into a building is a prime factor in the wearing and scratching of concrete floors, but with the help of entrance mats these numbers can be decreased.Hallway with clean windows and floors

Sweeping or mopping your concrete floor is surprisingly not the most effective way to clean the floors- vacuuming is. Using a mop just pushes all the soils into the pores and cracks in the floor whereas vacuums pull the soil up and do not push it around the floor.

When dealing with big areas of concrete an automatic scrubber should be used to clean the floor. The scrubber not only cleans the floor but also extracts back up the water and the solution which is important because moisture is damaging to the concrete.

Sealing your concrete floor is not necessary if you take proper care of it daily. Some recommend sealing the floor in heavy traffic areas or large area floors. Sealant helps prevent soils and moisture from moving their way into cracks in the floor.

When in need of concrete flooring maintenance, always keep C.M. Cleaning in mind. We have the capabilities to handle all concrete cleaning jobs including vacuuming, scrubbing and sealing.

Remember that: water + foot traffic + time = wear.