In the past 15 years, after the discontinuation of harmful pesticides such as DDT, bedbugs are back on the rise in the common household. According to Cleanfax, a recent survey conducted in New York discovered that approximately six percent of homes reported a bedbug infestation, with many other cases probably going unreported. Some experts even believe that fifty percent of all homes are at risk to be infested in the next ten years.Dorm room trash pickup services

The recent spike in bedbug population is believed be in correlation with recent increase in international travel. Bedbugs are outstanding hitchhikers, traveling between countries with ease. So, how does all of this relate to the cleanliness of your workplace? The spread of viruses and bacteria are a common concern in the work environment. In similar fashion, it is also possible that those same people you blame for spreading the flu and stomach bug are also spreading bedbugs! If these critters can travel internationally, then it can be easily concluded that they are able to withstand your commute to work by clinging to clothes, the bottoms of your shoes, and work bags. The good news is that with an implemented cleaning regiment at your place of business, the risk of you taking a coworker’s problem back to your home is diminished.

With regular steam cleaning and vacuuming of carpets and rugs, disinfecting of common surfaces, and washing of hard floors, bedbugs, their eggs, and larvae stand a lesser chance of surviving and making it into your bedroom.