Professional Property Emergency Cleanups

Combating water loss in your facility may seem like an overwhelming task. However, with a professional and knowledgeable restoration team, damage and mold left in the wake of water can be effectively eliminated. Timing is vital when your place of business starts taking on water. As soon as water is noticed, you should call C.M. Cleaning’s 24/7 emergency restoration team to report to the site of the water loss right away. If the source of the incoming water can be found and stopped, the damage to your premises can be drastically reduced, and the restoration process can begin.Wall scrubbing service

Enter the professionals: in order to get your workplace back into functioning condition, the water must be properly extracted, utilizing different tools and methods for different environments and floor types. But the job does not end there. Even if the majority of water seems to be extracted, moisture that is built up in, for example, drywall and carpeting can pose a serious threat of mold growth.

According to Cleanfax Magazine, mold can start to grow as soon as 24 hours after moisture has effected the work environment, and sometimes even before a musty smell or visible growth is prevalent. The good news is, by utilizing moisture meters, air movers, water extractors, and mold combatant chemicals, C.M. Cleaning’s professionals can significantly reduce and/or eliminate any threat mold may pose to your facility and employees. These processes are not always simple, and can sometimes take significant time and man hours, however making sure your restoration is done correctly and professionally can be vital to the health and wellness of your working environment in addition to the longevity of your facility. So whenever disaster strikes, keep C.M. Cleaning’s on call team of highly trained specialists in mind, because disasters don’t usually happen between nine and five!