5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Janitorial Service

When it comes to choosing your facility’s dream janitorial service provider, it really boils down to handful of things. You want to choose a company that is trustworthy with regard to security access to your building, reliable and gives you peace of mind, and promises exemplary quality and customer service. But, once you’ve found janitorial provider, are you doing enough on your end to get the most out of the service you are paying for? At C.M. Cleaning Company, we are dedicated to a hands-on approach and continued support to you and your facility long after the initial cleaning.

  • Building a strong relationship with your account manager is a great place to start when looking to get the most out of your cleaning service since open communication and comfortability level with us has been our key to success. Account managers at C.M. Cleaning are 100% dedicated to your needs and will go out of their way to make something happen when requested. When you ask us to jump, our only response is how high. We are frequently stopping at your facility to check in with you briefly, inspect your facility for quality, and be proactive about any deficiencies we may be able to catch before you have to hear about it. Having open lines of communication with your account manager can also be a huge benefit in keeping your facility looking it’s best because management will get to better know your facility and pet peeves allowing us to target those areas. Better yet, our service doesn’t stop at cleaning. Need a painter? Landscaper? Construction company? Just ask! We are always happy to provide a reference from our trusted network of service providers. Having pride in your facility and/or business is a cornerstone to success, and having the right relationship with your janitorial service plays a key role in your appearance and business culture.
  • Reporting accidents, spills, or staining immediately upon occurrence can help us help you! For example, if your facility is predominately carpeted flooring, time is of the essence! The sooner we are informed of the spot or stain, the greater likelihood we will be able to remove it. Additionally, the more you can educate us about what was spilled the better. By knowing exactly what spilled, our technicians can gauge their chemical use and method to have the best chance of making it disappear.
  • Letting us know of complaints or concerns as soon as someone mentions something, no matter how small it may be will allow us to squash the issue before it has the chance to escalate. In knowing the exact area or requested adjustment in our cleaning regiment will allow us the opportunity to get in contact with the correct staff member to rectify the situation promptly. Additionally, photos can go a long way! By sending or showing your account manager a photo of the problem area, we can immediately identify the issue and direct our staff to utilizing the appropriate cleaning method to correct the problem the right way- as they say a picture is worth a thousand words!Cleaning teamwork
  • Asking your staff to clear spaces in the appropriate setting is always a huge bonus to our cleaners enabling them to do the absolute most thorough job they can possibly do. For example, when cleaning a classroom, it is much more efficient to clean the space if the students leave the chairs up at the end of the day. In an office environment by clearing clutter on the top of your cubicle panel or desk space will allow us to better remove dust from your space. These acts of pro-activeness all allow our teams to more thoroughly clean your facility resulting in a better appearance, and cleaner environment for visitors and employees alike. The more space you give us to clean, the better result we can provide!
  • Keeping us informed about logistical changes can save everyone a headache! Providing us with your most up to date floor plans, alarm codes, keys, and building access is vital information for us, and unfortunately is sometimes the most overlooked. We understand that sometimes the cleaning company isn’t always the first you think of when making these types of changes, but ensuring that our information is up to date can save everyone including yourself time and frustration. We hate calling our customers after hours for matters as much as you hate picking up the phone at dinner time with your family, so being proactive about changed alarm codes and other security accesses will definitely pay off.

At C.M. Cleaning, your needs matter! We take great pride in all of our customer relationships, so never hesitate to reach out. There will always be an educated point of contact available to help your specific needs or requests. It’s this business mentality that has earned us the slogan “3 Generations, 1 Reputation”

The Real Value of Cleaning

Not just another place to cut costs!

When it comes to cutting facility budgets (and who broke or stole the item from the conference room) for some reason the finger always gets pointed at the cleaning company. This is nothing new and has been one of the biggest problems facing cleaning company management teams for years. However, in reality the cleaning contract is one of the last places that should be considered when looking to cut a budget. The problem is that facilities managers and directors don’t have enough facts presented to them to back that theory up… that is, until now. It’s about time cleaning should be looked at as the profit center it truly is, instead of a major cost.Cleaning workers with cleaning van

Cleaning is an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. It is most importantly your best defense versus infection and reduces risk of transmission. With cut-rate cleaning companies, no cleaning company at all, or slacking in-house cleaning staff, quality is sacrificed and bacteria and viruses are more apt to grow. This quickly translates into sick employees, where based on studies from the International Sanitary Supply Association, cost a company $6-9k per year per employee based on 7.7 sick days. To put this into perspective an average of 2,000 people in work-fields are hospitalized for influenza each year.

Cleaner air and surfaces rid of allergens are also known to improve workplace productivity dramatically. Dust exposure to your employees causes a 2-6% decrease in cognitive skills (typing, memory, logical reasoning, and creative thinking), whereas cold/flu symptoms cause a 3-8% loss of overall performance. The most common places with levels of high contamination are desk phones, keyboards, computer mice, faucets, vending machine buttons, and door handles. If you like numbers, check this out: a 2-8% increase in productivity in a 100-associate office with an average salary of $25,000 annually equates to $125,000 in savings (ISSA.com/value). To end on a high note, an average of only 49% of people wash their hands after they use the restroom in their place of work; but who needs cleaners?