It is predicted that we’re in for another long, snowy winter in New England. While not typically approached with the same sense of optimism as in spring, cleaning is important to keep up with regularly throughout the winter months for a variety of reasons- especially in regions which experience snow and cold.

One major difference between cleaning in the winter and other seasons is the use of deicing salts and sand on road and walkways. These salts make it easier and safer to get around outdoors but can be easily tracked inside despite our best efforts to wipe our feet at the door.  Accumulation of deicing salts indoors can lead to problems for hard floors and carpets alike.  On carpets, salts leave residue causing unsightly discoloration and if not removed can actually be corrosive to the carpet fibers adversely affecting the longevity of the carpet.  On hard floors, the corrosive properties of the salts also cause stains and can erode finishes such as wax on most tile floors and polyurethane making the combination of foot traffic and other debris tracked in like rough sandpaper on unprotected flooring.

In addition to the erosion caused to your flooring by the harsh salt and sand, winter brings peak flu season to your workplace and/or school making it imperative to regularly and diligently have “germ hot spots” disinfected. These include bathroom fixtures, work spaces (including keyboards), and kitchen/cafeteria areas where influenza is spread through droplets associated with the respiratory tract.

Carpet cleaning is one way to eliminate two winter problems with one solution! Our hot extraction methods will clean out the salt and sand laying deep within the fibers of your carpet while also preventing the spread of illness during the winter. In fact, noroviruses are able to survive 4-6 weeks and can easily go airborne when disrupted by foot traffic. Norovirus is the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) in humans at 19-21 million cases per year according to the CDC.

When it comes to your commercial needs, the multiple services provided by C.M. Cleaning is a strong defense for both your floors against deicing salts, and you and your staff against winter germs, helping you to get the most out of the season!