It has probably never occurred to you that your ceiling tiles need to be cleaned. That is because more attention is given to the floors and walls of a business. Just like a dirty floor, ceiling tiles that are dirty or stained can distract from the overall appearance of a business.

Not only can clean tiles last longer without having to get replaced, but they also improve the air circulation and provide healthier air that your customers and employees are breathing in every day.

If your ceiling tiles are cleaned they can also act as a fire retardant. Hanging cobwebs and dust are a fire risk that makes the ceiling more flammable, putting your employees at risk.

To clean the tiles, they can be brushed or vacuumed. This will remove the dust and dirt that has collected on them over time. In certain environments such as kitchens, grime and smoke build up on the tiles. This may require removal with an enzyme detergent that can be done by a professional. As always, regularly cleaning the HVAC systems in your facility will prevent the dust from clinging to the ceilings.

It is recommended to have your ceiling tiles cleaned every two to five years to keep your business as clean as possible. So the next time you consider getting your ceiling tiles cleaning call C.M. Cleaning.