In many public restroom spaces you will find baby changing stations. Since 2016, it is now required that all publically accessible federal buildings must have baby changing stations in both women’s and men’s restrooms. When these types of mandates are put into place, typically private commercial buildings follow suit. So if your facility has or may soon have baby changing stations, then it is of vital importance that they are also cleaned properly.

It should be assumed that parents do not clean the baby changing station after each use. Although some parents may attempt to clean the changing station, it is likely with a disposable sanitary or baby wipe. While this helps over doing nothing at all, it is not the proper method for effectively cleaning and disinfecting a baby changing station. Additionally, it is also mandated that all baby changing stations must include disposable table liners. Nonetheless, the most common germs and bacteria often found on baby stations are coliforms, salmonella, and shigella, all of which arise from fecal matter.

A 2010 study conducted by the University of Colorado Hospital tested baby changing stations for both bacteria and fecal matter. The stations tested included a local mall, a library, different big-box stores, a coffee shop, an airport, a rest stop, three city-owned buildings, a fast-food restaurant, and even a hospital. Among the locations tested, the changing tables in a big-box store and a library tested positive for fecal matter, while changing tables from all of the facilities in the study tested positive for bacteria. This shows that while some facilities do take better care than others, without a proper cleaning regiment in place, your facility’s changing tables may still contain germs and bacteria.

So how exactly should a changing station be cleaned? This where professional knowledge comes into play and is crucial. A changing station should first be cleaned using a pH-neutral cleaner. This will take care of any heavy soils affecting the surface. Next, a proper disinfectant should be applied paying particular attention to dilution and dwell time, both of which are vital to the effectiveness of the chemicals to kill germs and bacteria. If the dilution is incorrect or the chemical does not dwell on the surface for the proper amount of time, it’s effectiveness could be weakened. With C.M. Cleaning Co. taking point in proper education and training, our team will ensure the necessary steps are taken to properly clean and disinfect your facility’s changing stations and help to keep your child healthy.