The spreading of illness in the workplace is a widespread concern for many companies and employees. High volume of people in a confined space can certainly increase your odds of getting sick. However, with proper cleaning methods and tactics, you can improve your odds. But what about your kids? The same principle of getting sick in an office workplace can certainly apply in your child’s school, and just like in business, school absences are costly to both your child and to the school system in which they are enrolled.

According to, approximately 38 million school days are missed in the United States each year. Students are absent an average of 4.5 days per school year due to illness, and teachers an average of 5.4 days. Studies show that there is a correlation between student absences and dropout rates, with students who are absent more often having a higher chance of dropping out. For teachers and school staff, the loss is more budgetary than socially harmful. Absent teachers can pose a much higher cost to a school than a typical business. Not only is the staff member not present and able to help their students grow, but the monetary cost of hiring a substitute can be substantial.

With costs like these effecting schools yearly, a vicious cycle is formed. With higher costs, a school is forced to make budget cuts. Budgeting issues can often lead to cutbacks in the areas of facilities maintenance and cleaning. However, with cleanliness and maintenance lacking, more people, children and staff, may become sick, thus increasing costs even more. This is why it is always important to have a highly skilled and trained team such as C.M. Cleaning Company to keep your schools clean. Our hands-on approach will ensure your child and school staff’s risk of getting sick is minimized.

C.M. Cleaning utilizes the best practices to ensure cleanliness, specializing in schools. With frequent quality visits and inspections, we take pride in providing the highest quality cleaning available. We know what school “hot spots” to look out for when inspecting, for example, water fountain spigots, door handles, and detail areas most other cleaning companies overlook, can retain more bacteria than most other surfaces in a school, including toilet seats. With a wealth of knowledge to provide the best conditions possible for your school system, the C.M. Cleaning team takes pride in exceeding cleaning expectations while simultaneously improving health.